Leaflet Software

The med+info software is delivered electronically, it is able to be downloaded from the website (primary distribution method) or supplied on CD. It requires Windows operating system and uses the standard wizard auto-install function. It has been developed with Kate Brown at www.deepfried.co.nz.

Software must be updated at the end of every month with new reviewed med+info leaflet data. If this is not done the software will expire 10 days into the next month. This ensures that printed med+info leaflets always have the latest information.

Laser printers are recommended. Leaflets will print in colour on a colour laser printer. Ink jet printers can be used but most are too slow for busy pharmacies.

The software automatically prints in the bottom left corner of each med+info leaflet the name, address and phone number of the pharmacy that printed the med+info leaflet. This helps promote the pharmacy, and is a useful reminder to people of where they collected their medicine.

In 2011 med+info introduced a colour image of the medicine as a standard part of the information (where available). These images are from Alan McClintock at www.drugidnz.co.nz.

Linked with your dispensing software

For New Zealand pharmacies, our software is automatically linked with LOTS™ or Toniq™ dispensing software. This means that med+info leaflets can be printed with just one key stroke as part of the dispensing process.

This function is not yet available in Australia. With the Australian med+info software you enter the first 2 or 3 characters of a brand of medicine and select the medicine from the onscreen list to view or print the med+info leaflet.

Monthly updates and new medicines

Med+info leaflets are regularly reviewed and updated as new information becomes available. These reviews are usually precipitated by new pharmaceutical information coming to hand from manufacturers’ updated data sheets, media reports, approved pharmaceutical sources and Ministry of Health releases. In addition we carry out continuous in-depth reviews of therapeutic groups.

All pharmacies, hospitals and hospices receive our updated software at the end of each month.

Please Note: if a brand of medicine is not listed in our software, please contact us so that we can include a leaflet for it in our next update (time permitting). Note we do not have leaflets for OTC medicines and products.

Emergency updates

In the event of an urgent need to update a med+info leaflet – perhaps for a notified situation regarding a life-threatening possibility – we are able to updated software and have it available for download within one day.

Licence Agreement

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