Health Links

    Age Concern New Zealand

    NZ Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority

    Allergy New Zealand

    New Zealand National Poisons Centre

    Alzheimers New Zealand

    Ministry of Health

    Arthritis New Zealand

    Multiple Sclerosis Society of Auckland

    The Asthma and Respiratory Foundation

    The National Heart Foundation of New Zealand

    Cancer Society of New Zealand

    National Society on Alcohol and Drug Dependence

    Diabetes New Zealand

    The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation

    Epilepsy New Zealand

    New Zealand Food Safety Authority

    Family Planning Association

    Osteoporosis New Zealand

    Glaucoma New Zealand

    The Pharmaceutical Management Agency of NZ

    The Gluten Free Goodies Company

    Parkinsons New Zealand


    Schizophrenia Fellowship NZ Inc

    Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand


    Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand

    Drug Free Sport NZ

    Allergy Capital

    Diabetes Australia

    Alzheimer’s Australia

    Epilepsy Action

    Arthritis Australia

    Food Standards Australia New Zealand

    Asthma Foundations of Australia

    Mental Illness Fellowship

    Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy

    MS Australia

    Australian Drug Foundation

    National Breast Cancer Centre

    Australian Food Safety

    National Heart Foundation Australia

    Australian Prescription Products Guide Online

    Osteoporosis Australia


    Parkinson’s Australia

    The Cancer Council

    Sexual Health & Family Planning Australia

    Merck Source

    World Anti-Doping Agency