Med+info Leaflets

Med+info Leaflets – at a glance

  • Have a standard layout with information divided into 6 sections.
  • One A4 page printed in black and white or colour.
  • Technical information from manufacturer’s medicine data sheets.
  • A unique leaflet for every brand, strength, and form of medicine.
  • Have health and lifestyle advice when appropriate.
  • Easy to find items of special interest such as side effects.
  • Aimed at a reading age of 12 years with words commonly in use.
  • Seek patient feedback to ensure they meet patient’s expectations.
  • Have medicine tablet and capsule images where relevant.
  • And website have no medicine manufacturers advertising.
  • Updated monthly as new information becomes available.
  • Have been available since 1996
  • Quality ISO 9001 approved by BVQI.

Further detail

The six categories on each med+info leaflet are:

  1. Medicine description
  2. How this medicine helps you
  3. Before using this medicine
  4. How to use this medicine
  5. While using this medicine
  6. General information

All med+info leaflets are formatted to fit on an A4 page using a size 10 font.

Requests from pharmacies led to the development of our printed coloured leaflet paper.

The leaflet paper enhances the overall appearance of the medicine information. The reverse side has a dose checker so people can check off doses as they take them, useful for those who regularly forget doses. Compliance is a major issue for many older people.

The reverse side also has useful general information about things to be aware of when taking medicines, and lists important health warning signs: Heart attack, Stroke, Diabetes, Flu and health alerts.

Banner groups: We supply special leaflet paper incorporating their logos and colours reflecting the particular group — Amcal, Life, Radius and Unichem.

We also supply leaflet paper to some pharmacies not belonging to a banner group, using their own letterhead style, colours and pharmacy details and messages if any.

Australia: Our Australian pharmacy customers make their own arrangements for their leaflet paper — some colour-print their own pharmacy leaflet paper, some use their letterhead (if it fits), others use plain A4 paper.

Note: the supply of leaflet paper is not strictly part of our business — we are in the business of medicine information software.