Inactive Ingredients 
The following table contains a list of inactive ingredients.
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Inactive Ingredients Categories
(natural gum) - E414
Acesulfame - E950
Acetic acid - E260
Acetylated mono glycerides - E472a
Acetyltributyl citrate
Acidity regulator
(sodium carbonate) - E500
Acidity regulator E325
(sodium lactate)
Acidity regulator E327
(calcium lactate)
Acidity regulator E330
(citric acid)
Acidity regulator E331
(sodium citrate)
Acidity regulator E334
(tartaric acid)
Acidity regulator E339
(sodium phosphate)
Acidity regulator E339
(sodium phosphate dibasic)
Acidity regulator E340
(potassium phosphate-dibasic)
Acidity regulator E363
(succinic acid)
Acidity regulator E500
(sodium bicarbonate)
Acidity regulator E501
(potassium bicarbonate)
Acidity regulator E507
(hydrochloric acid)
Acidity regulator E508
(potassium chloride)
Acidity regulator E513
(sulphuric acid)
Acidity regulator E524
(sodium hydroxide)
Acidity regulator E525
(potassium hydroxide)
Acrylic adhesive
(medical adhesive)
(silicone dioxide) - E551
Aerosil 200
(silicone dioxide) - E551
Aerosol propellant HFA 134a (no CFC)
(contains no CFC)
Aerosol propellant HFA-227 (no CFC)
(contains no CFC)
Agar - E406
Alcohol - E1510
Alcoholic aqueous solution
(lecithin/polypropglycol mix)
Alginic acid - E400
Alpha-tocopheral - E307
Aluminium hydroxide gel dried
Aluminium magnesuim silicate
(kaolin) - E559
Aluminium starch octenylsuccinate
(modified starch. May contain gluten)
(ion-exchange resin)
Ammonium glycyrrhizinate
Ammonium hydroxide - E527
Andrisorb 85/70 - E420
Anise oil
Aniseed flavour
Anti-foaming agents
Anti-oxidant E307
Anti-oxidant E385
(disodium edetate)
Anti-oxidant E297
(fumaric acid)
Anti-oxidant E300
(ascorbic acid)
Anti-oxidant E301
(sodium ascorbate)
Anti-oxidant E306
Anti-oxidant E309
Anti-oxidant E310
(propyl gallate)
Anti-oxidant E320
(butylated hydroxyanisole)
Anti-oxidant E321
(butylated hydroxytolune)
Anti-oxidant E539
(sodium thiosulphate)
Antifoam M
Apaflurane HFA 227
(contains no CFC)
Apricot kernal oil
Arlacel 165
(glyceryl stearate & PEG 100 stearate)
Arlatone 983S
(polyoxyl castor oil)
Artifical flavour
Ascorbic acid - E300
(phenylketonurics: contains phenylalanine) - E951
(microcrystalline cellulose) - E460
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