8. How should medicine be stored?

All medicine MUST be stored out of the reach and sight of children.

Every year children die from eating medicines that were not kept out their reach and sight.

All med+info leaflets medicines have the following phrase in two places.

Keep all medicines out of children’s reach and sight

If children are visiting grandparents, elderly relatives or friends make sure there are no medicines or tablets lying around anywhere and make sure empty medicine containers are disposed of with the rubbish and not available for children to play with.

Medicines such as antibiotic syrups that must be kept in the fridge MUST be kept out of children’s reach and sight in the fridge on the top shelf. Always return the medicine quickly to the fridge after giving a dose, don’t leave it on the bench.

Adults: Do not take doses of medicine when in VIEW of children. They may think you are taking lollies and watch to see where you keep them and then raid the cupboard.

Where there are special storage requirements for a medicine the information will be printed on the appropriate med+info leaflet.

More information: med+info leaflets section 5 “While using this medicine”