4. What if I am pregnant or likely to get pregnant?

Medicines should only be taken during pregnancy if the benefit to the mother is thought to be greater than the risk to the unborn baby. Always consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure what do.

Women of child bearing age who could get pregnant must be aware that many medicines may harm an unborn child causing birth defects.

All med+info leaflets contain detailed pregnancy information and more information can be found at the Pregnancy section of this website or you can ask your pharmacist or doctor.

If you are taking medicine and get pregnant or suspect you are pregnant. Check with a med+info leaflet or ask your pharmacist what the pregnancy category of the medicine you are taking is. If it is any category other than category A make an immediate appointment to see your doctor.

If you are planning to get pregnant tell your doctor and ask if the medicines you are taking would affect an unborn baby.

Paracetamol is suitable for the short term relief of headaches and pain if taken in normal doses when pregnant.

DON’T drink Alcohol while pregnant

Drinking alcohol while pregnant is a known cause of serious birth defects and may cause the baby to develop severe behavioural problems when it is older.

DON’T Smoke while pregnant

There are proven serious risks to the future health of the unborn child if you smoke or are near passive smoke such as in a car or a house, where someone smokes.

More information: med+info leaflets section 3 “Pregnancy