3. Can I drive safely if taking medicine?

You should never drive or operate machinery while on medicine until you have read the Driving/using machines section of your med+info leaflet or asked your pharmacist or doctor if it safe to take your medicine while driving or using machines. Make it a policy never to drive or operate machinery until you know how the medicine affects you.

If taking any medicine for depression, mental illness, or to help you sleep you must not drive until you are sure the medicine does not affect your ability to drive safely, you may get sleepy and loose attention, causing you to have an accident, injuring or killing yourself and others.

If driving on a long journey, make sure you have lots of off-road breaks on the way.

Don’t eat a large meal during the journey – the digestive effort will make you sleepy and dangerous to yourself and others.

More information: med+info leaflets section 3 “Driving/using machines”